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    Royal Medical Check-up

    Healthy smile you deserve

    European's travel worldwide to countries such as Germany, the United States and major cities such as Dubai in search of extensive health screening and a complete wellness assessment, the type of which we now offer exclusively at the SHCH International Hospital.

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    Friendly, caring dental services

    High-class professionals

    The Spectrum health city hospital Medical Check-up is our most in-depth and comprehensive health and wellness evaluation, comprising a 3-day full-body medical assessment and complete clinical evaluation in the environment and comfort of the Spectrum health city hospital Royal Suites.

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    Straighter Teeth...Healthier Smile!

    We create radiant smiles

    The Spectrum health city hospital Medical Check-Up is focused on early detection of disease and primary and secondary prevention of long-term ill health in both men and women.

    Our programme uses the most advanced testing technology and specialised medical expertise to deliver the best clinical outcomes for our clients based on their lifestyle, age and complete medical history.

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Highest Quality Care

The service comprises a range of comprehensive clinical assessments, extensive laboratory and radiological investigations, state of the art technology and premium hospitality at its finest.

Dental Emergency

It combines excellence in healthcare with a unique hospitality experience and offers the reassurance of a robust clinical assessment with maximum flexibility and convenience to cause little or no disruption to our clients’ busy schedules.

Appointment Hourly Time

Find health and wellness tips, articles and resources to help you stay healthy, happy and informed.

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DENTAL Services

Complete Dental Solutions in One Place

A dental implant is a fixed treatment option to replace missing teeth, which is very similar to natural teeth. A natural tooth has a portion of tooth root embedded in bone and gums and a portion of the tooth visible in the oral cavity. Likewise, the implant has a titanium cylinder that is embedded in bone and the portion on top is visible in the oral cavity on which we place the crown.

Randon Pexon, Head of Clinic


Spectrum health city International Hospital

We aim to become one of the most trusted healthcare partners on the African continent providing the best experience for patients by delivering excellence in healthcare with a personalised touch of hospitality

We keep lives.

Highest Quality Care

Solutions to Complex Medical Problems

You will even forget that you had a missing tooth. It is very simple to maintain, maintenance routine is similar to that of natural teeth. It feels and works like a natural tooth. You can enjoy eating your food, your digestion will improve as you will be able to chew food properly.

Our Medical Specialists

Jonathan Barnes D.M.
Chief Medical Officer

Hannah Harper D.M.

Matthew Anderson D.M.

Megan Coleman D.M.